Hey there!

I’m Valerie! I found Thirty Seven Maple many moons ago when I got my first Cricut cutting machine. It was back when the cartridges were still a thing and Cricut Design Space was in the first beta versions. I quickly learned what a PNG, JPEG, and SVG were as the need to make my own designs emerged. Fast forward to today, I now run an SVG shop with the desire to make SVGs a reasonably priced asset so you can actually turn a profit for your business! Or hey, not break the bank when you craft!

A few tidbits about me:

I was born on the east coast, but have moved around pretty frequently in my adolescent years as a military brat. Having spent my formidable years in Japan, white rice is one of my favorite comfort side dishes.

I managed to land myself in Utah back in 2009 and haven’t left yet.

My mother is super crafty – quilting, scrapbooking, sewing, you name it, she does it! I think my love of art came from her. I spent many weekends at “craft fairs” helping her sell her items. And look at me now! From time to time, you’ll see her on here helping me post new items, expanding my Pinterest or Instagram.

I do foster care with my spouse. We have 2 (bio) kids that are 18+. And then 2 (foster) kiddos age 5 and 1. Yikes! We also have two dogs, and a chameleon.

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