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Best Place to Buy SVG Files

Getting a new Cricut cutting machine is like Christmas. Or heck, it might have been on Christmas that you actually got one. And let me tell you, the realm of products you can decorate, the signs you can make, the shirts you can wear, ahhhhhhh the possibilities are endless!

Now sometimes you might be at a loss of where you find a SVG for your next project, or scouring Etsy for hours just isn’t your jam. In this post, will show you just how to get pre-made SVG files for your next Cricut project.

best place to buy svg files

So what are SVG Files?

SVG is a file format called Scalable Vector Graphic. These types of files can be resized larger or smaller than what you see on your screen (scaled) and it doesn’t compromise the quality. If you try to resize a photo like a JPEG or PNG it will get blurry, or pixelated. SVG files don’t have this issue at all. SVG files are formatted to work with Cricut Design Space on the Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Maker or Cricut Joy. The files are usually separated into layers to make it easier to cut into sections whether you’re using different colors, materials or just need it separated for some reason.

What’s up with Commercial Licensing?

If you’re considering using SVG files so you can create products to sell to friends or new customers, you’ll want to learn more about licensing. When you purchase a file you didn’t create yourself you have to look into the license. If you are going to sell a handmade product with the SVG file you need to have a commercial license or sometimes called a small business license. A lot of free SVG websites only allow personal use license. Thirty Seven Maple offers all free SVG files with a commercial license. If you find a personal use only design, that means you cannot sell anything you made with that SVG file. For all of the designs we offer, there is a commercial license. If you make more than 200 physical items with our design, you do need to contact us for an extended license.

One key note is you are never going to be allowed to resell the file, share the file no matter if you got it for free or if you paid for it. You also (unless specified) cannot use the file for Print on Demand (POD) sites.

The Best Websites for Finding SVG Files for Your Cricut

Cricut Access

The top place to grab SVG files is right on Cricut Design Space. Since you’re already in Design Space for your cutting needs, it’s easy to add, save, and use their files. Some are free, but they do have a subscription they recommend to get more files. Cricut Access subscribers get other breaks like discounts on their site. Buyer beware: If you subscribe to their membership and discontinue, you will no longer have access to those files. You will have to pay again or discontinue using the SVG file.

Thirty Seven Maple

Who would I be if I didn’t tell you the best site out there to get SVG files? Thirty Seven Maple offers their files for $2.50 with a commercial license. But the real gem is getting their $7/month membership and access to 250+ files. What sets Thirty Seven Maple apart from the rest is a lot!

  • SVG Membership with unlimited downloads. Subscription or Memberships usually only allow 10 files per month.
  • No long subscriptions, you can do month-to-month or save more with the annual membership. Cancel anytime.
  • Access to an SVG designer, that means you can actually request a design! Are you serious? WTH!
  • SVG with commercial license All files have a commercial license, no questions or clarification required.
  • Cheap SVG files With over 250+ files in the membership as I write this in January 2022, that means you’re paying less than a quarter per file if you downloaded every single one!


Etsy is a site I use often for other things, and can definitely say Thirty Seven Maple got its start there. Because Etsy is all independent owners, you will want to check the terms for licensing rules. The mecca of offerings is pretty great. But I wont heavily promote Etsy going forward because I am not a fan of the fees or required ads that they make you have when you are a larger seller.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles is awesome for freebies, individual flies or well, bundles. I love their dollar deals for fonts! And they have great memberships too. And you better believe I am a membership fan. Make sure you head over to the Free Designs section frequently and download any designs that you love for future ideas. Even if you don’t know what you’ll use it for today, grab it!

Creative Market

Creative Market  is a high end site that might not be your cup of tea. I think it’s really hit or miss. I use templates for invites at home, elements for printed designs I make but I know they offer SVG files you can grab at a good price. Because it is tailored to a higher end customer, I think you’re going to see prices are higher in general. You know they have freebies, so I’m here for that!

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