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Where to Find Cheap and Free SVG Files for Cricut and Silhouette

Did you just get a new Cricut? Want to find some cheap SVG files or free SVG files so you can start crafting? I will show you where to find free and cheap files, plus show you the best kept secret about SVGs here.

Where To Download Free SVG Files

Since you probably landed here by searching how to find free cut files for your Cricut, Silhouette or other cutting machine the first place I have to show you is our freebie vault! At this link you can find SO MANY freebies on this site alone, and not just that but you can find affordable SVGs too. Below is just a quick snapshot of some of the free SVG files available on the site.

My blog has freebies in the vault, I post new free files every Friday, and I email my newsletter friends to let them know as a gentle reminder when they show up on the site.

Free SVG Files for Silhouette

Where To Buy Quality SVG Files

Now let’s talk a little more about purchasing SVG files and why I think that’s a good idea.

Why Should You Purchase SVG Files?

Designers Deserve To Be Paid for Their Work

Designing SVGs is not easy and it takes a lot of time. I know we all love freebies, especially when getting started in a new hobby or business. But I think we often overlook the hard work and effort other small businesses put in to gain new followers. SVGs are not expensive in most cases, especially if you subscribe to an SVG club.

SVG Clubs are Great

Thirty Seven Maple (this site) offers a SVG Club that is affordable and has awesome perks!

We offer 300+ SVGs in the club and are growing! I haven’t had time to upload every file, so right now I have 300 in the store. My etsy shop has over 700 so every day I upload a little more. I research SVG themes to stay up on trends so you can offer popular styles to your customers.

We offer a discounted rate for annual membership. $69 for the year! For 300 files (and growing) that’s $0.23 per file! Now that’s a cheap svg file! And it’s going to get even cheaper SVG cost as I upload more.

We offer commercial license with every SVG. No “just personal use” stuff. We want you to be able to profit off our designs if that’s what you want to do.

We offer unlimited monthly downloads. Most sites only allow 3, 5 or 10 downloads per month. We aren’t here to restrict you. When you’re in the mood to craft, we’re here to support it.

We offer a 7 day trial. We let you see all of the files in our arsenal today. You can view them at any time and just buy one file. Or you can join the club and enjoy a week free on us. We know we offer a good product membership and hope you’ll stay!

We offer access to an SVG designer (me!) Every month you can request up to 3 SVGs to be created. Once created you can download as part of your membership! I wont duplicate another person’s hard work but if you’re looking for a saying, I will definitely put my own spin on it!

We let you cancel anytime. I’m confident in our service but understand sometimes you have to cancel. That’s ok. We’ll welcome you with open arms when you come back.

We offer an affiliate program. If you tell your friends about us you can get your very own unique link and earn when they join!

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