Introducing the 37 Maple Club: All of Our SVG's for $8/month! New files added weekly!


You've got questions? We've got answers! 

How much does the club membership cost?

The 37M Club Membership is $8 per month. 

Why don't you offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, we found that those who came for a free trial often download dozens of files and canceled immediately. :( 

How many files are available to me?

Hundreds! Once you join the club, you get access to hundreds of files. If you don't see one you're looking for hop over to my Etsy at and let me know which file you were looking for. I'll add it to the site, and email you the file directly. I'm constantly uploading new (and existing) files, so be sure to contact me if you have any troubles.

How many files can I download at one time?

You can download unlimited designs. 

How often do you add new designs?

I add files weekly (normally on Thursdays). I notify members by email on new designs and when they are available. 

Can I use your designs for print-on-demand or "dropshipping"?

No, products must be handmade by you. You cannot simply upload my designs to another site for printing/distribution. I'm here to support the hobbyist and small business. 

How do I resize your design?

Unfortunately I'm unable to offer technical support on how to resize files and designs. You will need the knowledge of how to use editing software, or vinyl cutting software to use any SVG, PNG or DXF file available.